• UV cured nanocoating -nanoBLUE

    Our Nano Coating is a Solution Derived Nanocomposite

    We use Fine Grain stainless steel which has been proven to be the best stencil material for paste transfer efficiency. The stencils are then cut using the most advanced laser systems from LPKF Germany, the G6080.

  • Precision Laser Depaneling Services

    Fast & Accurate Depaneling Of Either Flex And Rigid Arrays!

    Beam On Technology has acquired an LPKF Microline 2000 Series UV Laser Cutting
    System to depanelize PCB arrays.

  • BGA Reballing Made Easy

    Our ReBall System is both elegant in design and a snap to use.

    Invented to save you both time and money, it’s no wonder that it’s the most popular reballing system in use ! The anodized frames and hardware are fully reusable. For different parts, we provide modular foil sets and a part specific drop in aluminum nest.

  • Pressfit Connector Dies

    Beam On has developed an innovative way to fabricate press fit dies.

    The design incorporates easily machinable aluminum with laser cut stainless steel to offer unmatched performance at a low cost. All press fit dies are custom designed for your specific connector thereby assuring that they fit the connector perfectly.



Technical Knowledge Sensibly Applied
  • Solder Paste Stencils
  • Rework Stencils
  • BGA Reball Kits


  • SMT Pallets
  • Wave Solder Pallets
  • Print Part System

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