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Announcing the launch of our
      Area Ratio Calculator App

The Area Ratio Calculator App can be used to quickly calculate from your smart phone the area ratio of a stencil aperture, aspect ratio and solder paste transfer efficiency. Also helps select optimal foil thickness and solder paste.

beam on area ratio calculator
beamon area ratio calculator

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You can calculate the Area ratio for Rectangle, Square and Round shapes.
Aperture size can be entered in mils or millimeters.
Aperture size and foil thickness can be independently vary to determine optimal paste release.
The app also calculates paste volume and aspect ratio (for rectangles only).
The app will also suggest Solder Paste Type based on the aperture size.

Supplemental Data

Additionally this app provides you the following information pertaining to the Aperture

Order Status

Customers who place orders using BOOTS2, our stencil order system, can track the progress of their order using the Order Status button.


Area Ratio Calculator

beam on area ratio calculator
beam on order status
beam on supplemental data
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