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Tooling Fixtures

A Wave Solder Fixture

Wave Solder Fixtures

Our wave solder fixtures are custom designed to your exacting specifications and requirements. Both selective and non-selective fixtures can be fabricated with your choice of materials to suit either short runs or high volume manufacturing. Our designs ensure you'll experience maximum yields and productivity while minimizing defects.

A Presfit Fixture

Press Fit Fixtures

Beam On designs and manufactures custom press fit fixtures to your specifications. The fixture clearance holes are precisely alligned to the barrels in the PCB to ensure proper connector insertion preventing damage to the PCB and the connector.

A Transport Plate

Transport Pallets

Transport pallets allow for simultaneous assembly on multiple PCB's maximizing thoughputs from the SMT line and are often a necessity with odd geometry PCB's or with boards that are difficult to transport in edge conveyors. Our transport pallets are designed to ensure perfect alignment to the stencil. Which is often a major problem when utilizing separate vendors for stencils and pallets.

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5DX Support Fixtures

Designed to hold the PCB in place during X-Ray, utilizing customized clamps that do not cause shadowing.

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Flying Probe Support Fixtures

Provides excellent PCB support during test designed to guarantee full exposure of test vias and test points.

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Support Bars

An economical way of preventing "Board Sag" during Pick and Place./p>

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