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BandEtch™ Stencils

Band Etch Process

BandEtch™ Technology is a unique and innovative concept for the design of metal mask stencils for surface mount assembly.

BandEtch™ stencils have a set cost that is not dependant on aperture count. Therefore a stencil with several thousand cuts can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of the same stencil cut by laser, yet RETAIN THE SAME QUALITY!

Unlike conventional chemical etching, BandEtch™ Technology solves the problems normally encountered with chemical milling, such as uneven aperture walls and poor paste release. Band Software™, which was specifically developed for this process, translates conventional GERBER data to banded GERBER (see fig. 1). This allows BandEtched™ stencils to retain the high quality and smooth walls you cannot find with conventional etching.

Band Software™ is also versatile and optional tapered side walls for enhanced paste deposition as well as many other aperture designs can easily be made.

fig. 1
figure 1

Band Software™ converts conventional GERBER to Banded GERBER. By etching through an ultra thin line around each pad and allowing the centers to fall out, we achieve:

Straight side walls
Consistent aperture sizes
Excellent Paste Release with
Chemical milling.
Typically, 50 x 50 mil pads and UFPT 8 X 100 mil TSOP pads are masked the same way, but the apertures etch at different rates due to their different sizes. Good control of the etching process is almost impossible.
This creates uneven side walls, inconsistent aperture sizes (under sizing and over sizing), and poor paste release! Even with Electro-polishing, stencil performance will not improve.

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