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  • EpoCoat

    Superior paste release, here is the proof

    PCB assemblies are continuing the trend toward smaller apertures and higher component density. Thus there is an absolute need to obtain consistent printing capability

  • Stencils

    Finest Laser Stencils in the Industry

    We couple the latest technology, such as the newest generation YAG Laser Machines, with our knowledgeable and experienced staff to produce only the finest stencils.

  • Flex Frame

    Reduce Costs, Reduce Storage and Minimize Setup

    Ideal for use in NPI (New Product Introduction) builds, they are unbeatable for limited production runs when cost is a driving factor.

  • Fixtures

    From Transport Plates to Custom Fixtures

    Convenience of getting all your SMT needs met through one vendor, therefore decreasing turn around time. We will work with you throughout the process.



  1. EpoCoat

    Our Answer to Paste Release

  2. Stencils

    Framed, Frameless or Proto

  3. FlexFrame

    BiDirectional Tensioning

  4. Fixtures

    Carrier to Custom Fixtures

Technical Knowledge Sensibly Applied
  • Solder Paste Stencils
  • Rework Stencils
  • BGA Reball Kits


  • SMT Pallets
  • Wave Solder Pallets
  • Print Part System

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