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  • HighFlex NanoCoated Squeegee Blades

    Precision cut from high purity stainless steel.

    Beam On squeegees are extremely compliant to provide perfect print results. All squeegee blades are nanocoated with a tough non-stick finish. We design our squeegee blades to fit your
    specific squeegee holder.

  • Reflow Nozzles for Rework Stations

    Our reflow nozzles are made to fit popular rework/reflow machines.

    The nozzles incorporate an attachment base, a plenum, and a nozzle to fit around the component. We fabricate the base out of precision ground tool steel and the plenum and nozzle assembly is fabricated from stainless steel. All individual elements are micro-welded to minimize leakage.

  • Mini Stencils For Localized Rework

    Our most popular rework product.

    Designed to print uniform paste in tight areas, our mini stencils are custom made to order and shipped next day. Around for decades, ministencils remain the most used tool for localized component rework due to their ease of use and cost effectiveness.

  • Pressfit Connector Dies

    Beam On has developed an innovative way to fabricate press fit dies.

    The design incorporates easily machinable aluminum with laser cut stainless steel to offer unmatched performance at a low cost. All press fit dies are custom designed for your specific connector thereby assuring that they fit the connector perfectly.



Technical Knowledge Sensibly Applied
  • Solder Paste Stencils
  • Rework Stencils
  • BGA Reball Kits


  • SMT Pallets
  • Wave Solder Pallets
  • Print Part System

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